You can currently see these products in person if you are in Minnesota. Otherwise, you can order, and I will ship it to you.

Clothing and bags are sold out. There are a few remaining pendants left. Contact me with inquiries.

handmade Pendants

I had a vision of making pendants that would hold strong energy and could be meditated with and worn as a reminder of focus. These pendants are the result of that vision. Each large pendant is handmade in India from heavy weight unpolished 95% pure silver with inlays filled by precious stone, along with a vegan leather cord and silver bead to allow for length adjustment. Small pendants are hand etched with the same design. Both size pendants have corresponding mantras hand etched on the back. Three Hindu Deities are featured: Shiva, Durga, Ganesha.

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eco-friendly clothing

I've brought a total of 9 tops made by Hibiscus Heroes, a favorite local (Auroville, India) designer of mine. The clothing is eco-friendly, using plant-based fabrics and dyes, ethically made, handmade fashion. I love the beautiful material and colors!

I only brought a limited selection this time. Each is a different style so once it is gone that will be it for this trip!

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hand painted bags

The designers behind poche_de_terre are young Indian artists Sreeman Santra and Anushka Mitra. Their aim is to merge their creativity with everyday items. All material is bought from local Indian merchants and stitching is done by local tailors. I have brought 10 hand painted bags with me of different designs!

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