Live your life.

My journey continues to bring curiosity, risk-taking, and humility into my daily life. I want to engage with ordinary life with the knowledge and experience I have now, after withdrawing for a few years. 

I am not a life coach, a therapist, or a (fill in the blank) ...I have the training and experience to be those things, and sometimes I bring those skills into my sessions, but that's not my mission. 

My mission, if I were to call it such, is to support and encourage you to find your own pathway to full expression - which to me is a spiritual expression. I will give you techniques to get you started so you aren't just flailing around. Then, once you find yourself in this world, I will support you to embody that existence. 

I work from the inside out energetically. This includes paying much attention to the mind and to the physical body, but with me, the remedies come from purifying and strengthening the energy body. After initial sessions, this can be done on your own with movement, pranayama, and meditation. However I also believe that being in presence together - you and I - deepens the process quicker. This might mean seeing me for regular sessions, or a multi-day immersion in which there are daily sessions.  I can and do work online, yet in-person I am able to do hands-on energetic work which is very beneficial.

I am trained as an energy worker in various traditions, yet I work intuitively, following the energy into the body where there is stagnancy or suppression. Through laying-on-of-hands, energy shifts. Sometimes it can be felt immediately. Sometimes it is more subtle and is noticed later on. 

To work with me requires dedication to yourself. It's not a commitment to me, Jana, but a commitment to the process. Compartmentalizing isn't possible. This is about wholeness - about you as a being in all aspects of your life. 

Human life is an incredible blessing and meant to be experienced. You get to decide who you want to be in this world. There is no "right" way (beyond not harming yourself or others) as long as it is a conscious decision about how to spend your time. 

With your patience, dedication, and intention, I will help you find your way. You can find options here and you can message me to set up a session online or in-person in Ubud. 


Working with Jana "... has been a transformative experience for me, leaving me feeling healed and recharged. The moments spent with you were particularly special. Your energy sessions were instrumental in helping me through my pain, and I've emerged from them feeling more energetic and positive…Your guidance has shown me the path to self-love, regardless of what life throws my way. I've learned to love and be kind to myself, and I am ready to face whatever may come my way. Your words and encouragement will forever resonate with me.”  Mel, Sydney

"You are absolutely a gift Jana and thank you so much for devoting yourself to something so beautiful and powerful ❤The world (and I) are lucky to have you.” Miki, Hong Kong

"The most memorable part for me was my healing with Jana Johnson. She got to the bottom of some things I needed help with and I left there feeling like a whole new person." Barbara

" I wanted to thank you for all the good you've done me. My life has been transformed since we met...I feel very clear in my heart now." Clem, France

Don't you know it yet? It is your light that lights the worlds. ~ Rumi