Jana Johnson Healing Works

Following my own path


People often ask me when my "spiritual" journey began. Initially, my desire for personal healing led me to explore spirituality. Years later, in New York City, I completed a four-year psycho-spiritual therapist training program which led me to start a healing practice in 2005. I was also formally ordained as a Minister of the Helix Healing Ministry through this program. At a certain point, my interest in the psychological realm was superseded by my desire to fully connect with that which was bigger than my mind. Exploring spirituality became the focus of my life. The teachings in my background are varied, from foundational psychology to metaphysical study, South American Shamanism to Buddhism, Universal Science of Mind to Gestalt Therapy and Jungian Dreamwork, Master level Reiki to Intuitive Energy Work. In the past decade, I have taken a deep dive into Hinduism, Vedic teachings (yoga & Ayurveda), and traditional Tantra. 

I grew up in Minnesota and spent my young adult years crisscrossing the U.S.A., searching for more life. After leaving the corporate world in 2009, I began to receive intuitive messages about moving to another country. In 2012, I put fifteen years of New York City living into storage, packed two bags, and left for an indefinite stay in the small village of Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, sight unseen, with the intention to sustain myself by growing my healing practice fully. My way of life changed 100%. Within a couple of years, I was invited to join the world-renowned yoga center, The Yoga Barn, as a residential healer. In Ubud, for almost six years, I sat privately with clients, led weekly meditation classes, and hosted numerous workshops and retreats. I was drawn to Bali Hinduism, invited to sit regularly with Balinese Hindu priestesses, witnessed rituals, and visited sacred grounds. I also studied with a lama of the Tibetan Dzogchen Buddhist tradition in my last years on the island. My gratitude for this period is immense. 

In 2016, after years of solo study and experimentation, I was led to a teacher in India, ShriNandan, a Master of Swatantra. ShriNandanji pushed me beyond what I thought was possible, fed my hunger for wisdom that I couldn't find in books, and pointed me toward True Freedom. In June 2017, I decided to take another leap. I left Bali to explore yet more of life and reimagine how I wanted to show up for it. This decision has led me to spend most of my time in India, furthering my spiritual journey, writing, and expanding my knowledge of traditional Ayurveda, Yoga, and Tantra. 

I'm often asked what Swatantra is. It is a question that is hard to answer because it isn't definable by words, only by experience. The word Swatantra can be translated as finding one’s own technique or practice. It weaves the ancient knowledge of the Vedic rishis with an individual’s karma, genetics, and personality, guiding them towards their personal path to Freedom/self-realization.  There is no dogma and no renunciation. Through self-discipline, commitment, and the initial guidance of a guru, Swatantra has given me a container for all of my accumulated knowledge and experience, resulting in the focusing, purifying, and strengthening of my inner wisdom, intelligence, and life force energy. 

More recently I have been pulled into the Void of the Great Mother. This is a journey that can only be taken alone. There is no guru, no books, no thing that can guide me. It is direct communion deep within my bones and beyond words. 

ShriNandanji gave me a Sanskrit name, something that is commonly done in the East: Jnana Janani. Jnana means wisdom, and Janani means Mother: Mother of Wisdom. I am humbled daily by the magnificence of this existence. I stand in awe of Nature and Cosmic Intelligence and live as harmoniously as I am capable of. 

"You have to love the Truth of who you are enough that you can stand in the face of any experience and not lose yourself to it."  Rupert Spira