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Private Sessions

one-on-one healing sessions

These sessions are good for immediate counsel, support, and encouragement. Through suggested sadhana (daily spiritual practice), energetic work, meditations and self-inquiry, I can help you to find strength from within and true freedom from the suffering of the mind.

When we can meet in person, I will work energetically with hands-on healing. I have trained in various healing modalities, yet at this point, I work intuitively, using necessary skills and organic processes rather than following a specific modality or technique. These sessions can be clearing, grounding, and activating simultaneously. 

I work with women and men with one-off or scheduled weekly/bi-weekly sessions.

Sessions are $150USD; a package of 4 is $500USD and must be used within 6 months. You can also purchase a yearly package which allows for 1 session per month at $1200USD.

Schedule here for online sessions.


I believe one needs to start where they are when it comes to meditation. Very few people can immediately go into a twice daily, 20-minute silent meditation practice and stick with it. I work with you from where you are starting, whether that be an absolute beginner to a more advanced practitioner to someone coming back to a practice. I am happy to work with you at whatever stage you are at.

Pricing depends on duration and frequency. You can schedule your first 30-minute online class here for $60, and we'll discuss a program customized for you, and do a short meditation.



I've returned to leading meditation classes at The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali. The schedule can change weekly.  You can always check online or through their app for the most updated schedule, but I will try to keep this space as updated as possible as well. 

Healing Meditation      The Yoga Barn, Ubud  Fridays 5-6:15pm


I have started a monthly call as a way to have meaningful and interactive connections.

I’m calling it a monthly Temple call. Somewhere to place my and your questions upon the altar of Life. Please come with an open mind and heart, some humility, your questions, and reverence for the Mysteries of Life.

Next month's call: 

June 25

PST 5pm (West coast US)

CST 7pm (Central US)

EST 8pm (East coast US)

June 26

AWST 8am 

AEST 10am 

Register here to receive the Zoom link.

Extended In-Person


These immersions are 7-10 days long. Each day will be determined based on your needs with session work, sadhana practice, bodywork, healthy eating, alone time for meditation, reflection, some exploration in Bali, and resting. I will work with you 1:1, deep diving into healing and transformation.

Contact me to set up a time to discuss this, as there are many possibilities for when/where/how this can transpire.

I am currently taking requests for 2023 & 2024 dates.


Prior to living in India, I spent 5 years in Bali and while there, learned some secrets of the island that most tourists won't get to see.  I am offering curated experiences for people who would like to experience a bit more than the regular tourist experience.  We can have a conversation around what you would like to experience after hearing some options from me. 

This may include temples throughout the island, personal appointments with Balinese priests/priestesses, private meditation and yoga classes, foreign and local healers of various modalities, exploration of the island beyond the tourist areas, etc.

Contact me if you'd like to discuss. 

What you seek is seeking you. ~ Rumi