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Feel free to contact me with any questions. 


one-on-one sessions

* I am in the USA for a few months and will hold in-person sessions as well as continue online sessions. I am currently seeing people in person in St. Paul, Waconia, Rochester and Henderson, MN.

These sessions are good for immediate counsel, support and encouragement. Through suggested sadhana (daily spiritual practice), meditations and self-inquiry, I can help you to find strength from within and true freedom from the suffering of the mind. 

When we are able to meet in person, I will also work hands-on energetically. I have trained in various healing modalities yet at this point I work intuitively, using any necessary skills and organic processes rather than following a specific modality or technique. 

Sessions are $125USD, a package of 4 is $400USD.  Schedule here.



I am currently traveling in the USA. I will be doing live events as much as possible with safety precautions in place. 

Finding Your Way, A Series of Community Talks & Events

I am hosting these Community Talks & Events to inspire others to explore and expand what their personal path through spirituality might look like. All are welcome. Dates, times and venue details are listed here. 

Jan. 6,13,20,27          6:30-7:30pm                       Guided Meditation         St. Paul, MN

Jan. 15, 2-4pm                    Intro to Meditation Workshop                           St. Paul, MN

Jan. 25, 6- 7:30pm            Women's Circle              Pine Island, MN   

Feb. 1,8,15,22                    Meditation Circle          Rochester, MN      

Feb. 26                              Deity Meditation Workshop          Rochester, MN



As the world is reopening I am envisioning immersion work starting 2022, location to be mutually determined. These immersions are 7 days long. Each day will be determined based on your needs, with daily session work, sadhana practice, body work, healthy eating, alone time for meditation, reflection and resting. I will work with you 1:1, deep diving into the energetic realm.

Contact me to set up a time to discuss as there are many possibilities as to how this can transpire. 

 What you seek is seeking you. ~ Rumi