FInding The nectar

A 4-month online program.

For people looking to dive deeper into their own spiritual journey, you are invited to work with me on a consistent longer term basis. Healing is a process and I believe in the slow and steady approach, allowing our bodies and minds to release as ready with gentle but firm encouragement and guidance. There is no quick-fix for those seeking true and long-standing healing.

What is included:

The program consists of bi-weekly video calls, suggested meditations, activities and other helpful information in between calls. Working together for a longer period of time lets us experiment with different methods and techniques to purge and then strengthen your mind, physical body and energetic field. This allows us to recognize patterns and blocks as they show up in real-time, and then take the time to integrate revelations and healing.

The program:

Each person is unique so the program will be built to one's individual needs. I'll use various aspects from my background of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Tantra, Ayurveda, and Mindfulness, to guide you through any blocks and into your own wisdom and intuition. During these sessions we look for the nectar of life - the nectar that helps us heal, discover, celebrate and go deeper into a state of love and peace. Each of us is equipped with a spark of Divinity. Embracing and embodying this is key, which leads to a freedom that can never be taken away - ungoverned by materialism, politics, conditioning or programming.

A minimum of 8 sessions is required, with ongoing work if mutually decided upon. This program is open to people at all stages along the path as long as you are committed to showing up for a daily practice.

Contribuition is $1200USD for 8 sessions completed within a maximum of 16 weeks. Schedule a free initial consultation to see if this program is a good match.

Photo: JoAnn Colangelo