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Hand strung beads, cleansed, charged, and chanted over.
Silver pendants with customized deity artwork and a Sanskrit mantra.




special collection

Introducing a special collection of malas, crafted with reclaimed Ulin ironwood beads sourced from i-Rewood,  a local company in Ubud, that acquires recycled wood from boats and houses in Kalimantan (an Indonesian island). Ulin ironwood grows at a rate of less than .5mm a year making it incredibly dense and perfect for long lasting use. 

This collection of malas features wooden beads repurposed from aged floors, houses, and boats, some potentially carrying a history spanning centuries. This infusion of unparalleled depth and historical significance enhances the uniqueness of each mala in this collection.

self-mastery - sold

This 8mm mala contains Black Onyx, Amethyst, Sunstones, Quartz and Lava stones, each bringing strong energy of protection, intuition, leadership, focus, and courage. The silver Lotus pendant serves as a guru bead. This mala is good for someone who is committed to stepping into their spiritual journey. Read more about the stones here

$79 + shipping

Dream big - sold

This 10mm mala has a raw amethyst pendant as the guru bead. It holds the energy cultivated from chanting with this mala made of Ulin ironwood, Green Aventurine, Flourite, Moss Agate, Lava stones and Moonstones. This mala is good for someone who is ready to take risks and make big steps towards their future.  Read here for more info. 

$89 + shipping

moving forward - sold

Ganesha is always a favorite to work with. Here he comes as a silver pendant guru bead. The 10mm beads include Green Aventurine, Striped & Antique Agates, Lava Stones and Moonstones. This mala is good for those looking to move on from the past on onto new adventures. Read more details here

$89 + shipping

living in the now - sold

This 8mm mala blends Sunstones, Unakite, Amethyst, Quartz, and Lava stones together with a Tourmaline Agate as the guru bead. This is a good mala to nurture balance and independence in relationships. Read more about the stones here

$79 + shipping

guided and clear - sold

This 8mm mala includes Azurite, Malachite, Quartz, Black Onyx, and Lava stones with Blue Chalcedony as the Guru bead. It's a beautiful mala to strengthen your intuition and gain clarity. Read more about the stones here

$79 + shipping

opening the heart to truth - sold

This mala of 12mm beads includes Mahogany Jasper, Moss & Red Agate, Hematite, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz, with a silver Balinese Om Pendant. This weighty mala is strong for focus, truth-seeking, and authenticity. Read more about the stones here

$99 + shipping

inward journey- sold

This mala of 8mm beads includes Snakeskin Agates, Blue Chalcedony, Quartz Crystal and Black Onyx with a silver Sri Yantra Pendant as the Guru Bead. This mala is a good companion to keep you strong and clear. Read more about the stones here

$79 + shipping

These malas are one-of-a-kind. Each designed and strung by me. I put time and effort into choosing, clearing and energizing the beads. The stones are washed in holy water and the wood beads are cleansed with sandalwood. The beads are then laid out to dry in the sun and moonlight. While designing each mala I chant a particular mantra that comes to me. This mantra can be used by you when you do your meditation with the mantra, or you can use your own mantra. Click on each link to learn more about the stones used and to see larger pictures. Please remember that the meanings behind the stones are general beliefs. It is up to you to discern your own experience when working with them.

I make these malas as I feel called, often around the new and full moons, and when someone asks me for one. If you'd like me to make a customized one for you send me an email and we'll get started!


Chakra Coloring Book

coloring book with a green bag and blue bag and 12 small coloring pencils
A fun and simple way to learn more about the 7 main chakras of the body. One page has information about a chakra and the opposite page has the yantra that represents it. All pages are colorable. Size of book is 14.8cm x 18.2cm. Each book comes with a bag of small coloring pencils. Five books for $30 USD, each additional book is $5 USD. 

Orders are only available in packages of 5 or more due to the small weight of the booklet and the shipping charges. 


In making this jewelry I want to acknowledge the origins of Sanskrit, the mantras, and the Deities that I use. I honor and respect the Hindu culture from which this originates and am grateful for the wisdom sharing. My aim in sharing this jewelry with others around the world is to spread the wisdom and sacred energy that each symbol holds. The donation back to India is in gratitude and appreciation.

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