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Finding Your Way

I am hosting these Community Talks to inspire others to explore and expand what their personal path into spirituality might look like. By sharing my own experience bridging eastern and western philosophies, I guide others onto the sacred pathway that is uniquely theirs. Join me in various conversations around Spiritual Exploration and finding your own way to Connection.

*I ask that all who plan to attend please respect social distancing protocols and  those who are not vaccinated to please wear a mask.  All are welcome unless specifically noted due to venue restrictions. 

Please check back regularly as we will be adding dates for September and October. 

  • Sept. 12

    HENDERSON HEALING HUB, 4-5:30pm                                    522 MAIN STREET, HENDERSON, MN                                   $15 AT THE DOOR (OR BY DONATION)                            ALL ARE WELCOME

    Finding Your Way

    Join Jana in an interactive conversation around Spiritual Exploration and finding your own way to Connection. She will share her own experience exploring multiple spiritual traditions and the Universal Truths that come through them all, and will open the floor for questions. 

  • sept. 15 & 29

    THE HIVE, 2-3pm                                                                       29 EAST MAIN STREET, WACONIA, MN                                 $25 AT THE DOOR                                                                  ALL ARE WELCOME, THERE IS LIMITED SEATING                  

    Sept. 15, The Benefit of a Daily Sadhana - a talk for those who experience burn out, feel ungrounded and/or are looking for more self-resourcing.

    Having a daily practice isn’t meant to be another task to check off your daily to-do list. It’s meant to be your booster shot, your refueling station, your steady point in these ever-changing times. The key is to be honest with yourself and start where you are. It does take commitment and intention, but self-discipline does not equal punishment; it in fact leads to liberation.

    Join Jana for an interactive talk about developing a daily practice. Wear comfortable clothing as you will be invited to do some movement.

    Sept. 29, You are Bigger than your Mind - a talk for those who have already stepped into spiritual exploration and are looking for deeper connection beyond the psychological realm.

    The mind can only understand that which it has created, therefore, there are many questions that have no answers. How do we learn to trust that which we cannot be certain of?

    Join Jana for an interactive talk around exploring your unique path into spirituality. She will share her own experience exploring multiple spiritual traditions and the Universal Truths that come through them all.

  • sept. 19

    WANAMINGO, 3PM                                                                      $20 SUGGESTED DONATION

    This was originally scheduled as a private event and now the host has graciously offered to open it up to others. It will be held outside on their farm and you will need to bring your own seating. Please contact me if you'd like to join us and I will give you a forwarding number to call. 

  • sept. 28

    WOMEN'S CIRCLE                                                                          MISS ANGIE'S PLACE, 6-7:30PM                                                222 SOUTH MAIN STREET, PINE ISLAND                                  Register here: https://missangiesplace.org/registration/   

    Join me for an intimate gathering of women creating a web of communal wisdom, resources, and encouragement. During these times of chaos and confusion we can come together without comparison or competition to offer sacred space held with intention, encouragement, and love. We can relearn compassion towards each other, moving past the need to appear ever-stronger, ever-smarter, ever-more, and move into the gift of collaboration and collective insight. (*$2 registration fee, free-will donation is appreciated at the time of the Circle.)