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Finding Your Way

I am hosting these Community Talks and events to inspire others to explore and expand what their personal path into spirituality might look like. By sharing my own experience bridging eastern and western philosophies, I guide others onto the sacred pathway that is uniquely theirs. Join me in various conversations around Spiritual Exploration and finding your own way to Connection.

*I ask that all who plan to attend please respect social distancing protocols and those who are not vaccinated to please wear a mask. All are welcome unless specifically noted due to venue restrictions.


    MAR. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

    HERMITAGE FARM CENTER FOR HEALING 6:30PM - 7:30PM 6415 WEST RIVER ROAD NW ROCHESTER, MN $10 suggested donation at door.

    Guided Meditation Group: Each session Jana will lead a guided meditation using various techniques of visualization, chanting, mindfulness, and silence. People with all levels of experience are welcome.

    *Venue currently requires negative test results within 48 hours and masking on site. Please pre-register for the class so we know how many to expect.


    MAR. 17

    ROCHESTER, MN *register via email for address* 6PM - 7:30PM $10 suggested donation

    Join me for an intimate gathering of women creating a web of communal wisdom, resources, and encouragement. During these times of chaos and confusion we can come together without comparison or competition to offer sacred space held with intention, encouragement, and love. We can relearn compassion towards each other, moving past the need to appear ever-stronger, ever-smarter, ever-more, and move into the gift of collaboration and collective insight.


MARCH 5: St. Paul

mARCH 14: via zoom

Deity Meditation Workshop: There are thousands of deities in the Hindu religion, each holding particular energies. Some deities even have various versions of themselves that hold more specific energies. (i.e. Shiva as Shankara is benefic and Shiva as Rudra is fierce.) Working with a specific deity form can help to amplify a particular energy within oneself and attract resonant energies. With the understanding that we hold all we need within ourselves, we can use deity meditation in essence as a form of devotion to ourselves and the aspects we wish to develop or expand.

In this workshop I will share my experience in learning how Hindu deities embody particular energies and how to work with these forms through meditation and mantra. Illustrations of the deity with symbolic explanation will be shown along with conversation on the traits they embody. We’ll discuss how to meditate on these specific traits as well as use a particular Sanskrit mantra that calls to the energy.

I've put together a video about the workshop as well, you can find it here:

Depending on time allotted for each workshop, we will work with a selection of the below deities and the energy they embody:

Shiva – Equilibrium, Focus, Control over the Mind Durga – Fierce Compassion, Righteous Anger, Duty Ganesha – Remover of Obstacles, Intelligence, Enjoy life with unattachment Lakshmi – Beauty, Prosperity, Good Fortune, Virtue Saraswati – Wisdom & Discernment, Creative Energy, Knowledge Hanuman – Dedication, Loyalty, Humility and Strength

This workshop is for those who are curious and open to discovering the power behind the iconic Hindu deities and how we can cultivate the energy within ourselves. This is also a great workshop for yogis wanting to develop a deeper relationship to the deities often associated with yogic traditions.

I am not a scholar on Hinduism or consider myself a Hindu. My deep appreciation and gratitude come from personal experience of being immersed in Hindu culture for the past decade, and I would like to offer exposure and my personal understanding and technique of working with the deities.

MARCH 5 HEALING ELEMENTS 3PM - 6PM 2292 COMO AVENUE ST. PAUL, MN $60/$55 members *Venue does require vaccination or positive antibodies. Please pre-register here.

MARCH 14 VIA ZOOM 3PM - 5PM $50/ $45 WITH EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT PRIOR TO MARCH 7. This will be recorded for those who cannot attend the live class. Register via email: