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Freedom and strength from within

Sharing experiences, accumulated knowledge, and wisdom from my personal journey into spiritual exploration with those eager to discover their own path.
the journey

There are no two paths alike

I encourage everyone to find the path that suits them. The path that leads them to their happiness, contentment, and fulfillment. I offer guidance and support along the way based on my studies and my own experience. My background includes living a modern yogic lifestyle, working with various healing modalities, immersing myself in spiritual disciplines, meditation, traditional Tantra and Ayurveda.

About Me

EVER-EXPANDING, experiencing, evolving

People often ask me when my "spiritual" journey began. Initially, after leaving my hometown at 18, my desire for personal healing led me to explore spirituality. After over 20 years in the professional world, I left the USA for a life unknown, answering a call from somewhere deep inside my heart. Since 2012, I have lived between Bali and India, studying, experiencing, and furthering my spiritual path and healing abilities.

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I offer my skills, wisdom, and resources to couple with your intention, open mind, and heart for healing and transformation.

Guiding one to find the power, discipline, and wisdom that resides within themselves is the aim of all my work. Utilizing these self- provoked resources leads to clarity of thought, enhanced creativity, and stabilization of mind and body: True Freedom. There are different ways to self-resource, and I honor each person's path as considered unique.

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Blog, published articles, podcasts, Youtube, etc.

Read short essays and articles I've written, listen to podcasts and interviews I've participated in, and check out my YouTube channel and Insight Meditation page here.


While I sat in India in May 2020, I watched the news of my home state of Minnesota explode. I felt despair, guilt, anger...and a slight sense of relief that it had all bubbled up for the world to see and could no longer be ignored.

I have much unlearning and learning to do around this topic. I offer these resources for anyone to use as I do my personal best to engage, improve and contribute to real, long-lasting change.

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