I will be traveling to Seattle, Washington in early May, and then onto Minnesota mid-May through mid-June. Private sessions are available throughout this time. 

May 7-10, PRIVATE SESSIONS available in SEATTLE, WA. Email me for times and location. 60 min/$125

May 14 - June 5, PRIVATE SESSIONS available in MINNESOTA (Rochester, Waconia). Email me for times and location. 60min/$125

I'm honored to be part of the Thursday night Dharma Talk series at the Rochester Meditation Center @ Assisi Heights Spirituality Center. I hope you can join me for one or both of these evenings!

May 23, 7pm  A Woman's Journey into Spirituality

Join me as I talk about my journey leaving Minnesota as a young woman, living around the USA in search of real happiness and freedom, and my eventual move to Asia which has led me to full devotion to my spiritual life through a process of unlearning. I'll also share how I work now with people to help them come back to themselves, finding strength and peace within. I'll welcome any questions and look forward to sharing!

May 30, 7pm  The Importance of a Daily Practice

In this second talk I'll be sharing how having a daily practice has helped me to stay focused and strong in my daily life, and how I’ve learned that self-discipline does not equal restriction…and how discipline leads to freedom. I'll share Garuda Pranayam, a breathing technique that has been passed on to me by my teacher in India. Everyone is welcome and I'm happy to interact with questions and comments!

RMC is now located at the Assisi Heights Spirituality Center, 1001 14th Street NW, Rochester, MN 55901.  RSVP is required to doug@mcgillreport.org. Both talks are by donation.

June 7 - 9/10, Deepen Your Practice: An Immersion Into Self, Assisi Heights, Rochester. 

Your choice to attend beginning Friday evening at 7pm and ending either on Sunday at 10am or Monday at 2pm. 

Be a (Energy) Generator rather than a Consumer!

Spend the weekend starting or expanding your personal practice through movement, breath, sound and meditation. Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning will be spent using different practices to identify, clear and build your energy, as well as quieting the mind and and relaxing the body. If you are already a yogi, we'll go beyond your asana practice with breathwork and meditation. If you are just beginning to explore self-care, you'll be given some basic techniques to learn how to clear, build and conserve your energy in order to bring peacefulness and clarity to the mind and calmness to the body. 

If you choose to stay on we'll move into the more advanced practice of silent meditation on Sunday after breakfast until Monday after breakfast. This will be done in a group setting, indoors and outdoors, with additional solitude time. Silence is one of our biggest teachers and ultimate healers, not only for your spiritual and emotional well-being, but science also proves now that silence is good for your physical health! Give yourself this rare opportunity to fully experience the power of silence in a conducive environment with guidance and safe holding! 

Men and women (18+) of all levels are welcome and encouraged to come! You will be guided through the entire 4 days. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to email me.

Registration via email to me.

Pricing: 2 nights (Friday 7pm - Sunday 10am) $400 or 3 nights (Friday 7pm - Monday 2pm) $550, includes full workshop days, accommodations* and meals**. Full payment required to hold your room as space is limited. (Cancellations after May 23 cannot be refunded.) 

*This is the accommodation information I've been given by Assisi Heights:
Simple sleeping rooms have single beds. Bed linens and towels are included. Shared showers and restrooms are in the hall.  Men and women are on separate floors.
** 3 vegetarian meals will be provided daily.

Assisi Heights Spirituality Center, 1001 14th Street NW, Rochester, MN 55901