The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see.~Alexandra K. Trenfor                                                                                                                                What you seek is seeking you. ~Rumi

Private sessions in person and through Skype/What'sApp are currently available. Within each session we will chat about your current life situation, obstacles that seem to be in place, aspirations and general questions you may have. I will use my resources of intuition, energy, knowledge and experience to facilitate shifts in your energetic body and mindset.

I am currently in India and am taking online appointments through Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and Facebook.

To schedule please email me here.

jana johnson is one of the most authentic and sincere people i've known. she has a way of being which nourishes the soul even from miles away, she makes you feel heard, held and seen. I participated in Jana's meditation mentorship and was invited to continue the journey inwards with her as a guide. I felt that Jana listened to what I was saying and understood where I was, where I was getting stuck and helped me to observe with the wisdom that was already inside of me. She asked the hard questions and gave me the courage to look at the answers or lack there of with grace and maturity. She stirred a sense of divine connectivity within me and facilitated my experience through meditation, journaling and conversation as I explored the divine feminine and my unique expression of this. I looked forward to our weekly sessions, I looked forward to the way I opened and closed, writhed against and accepted as we moved through the energetics of the chakras throughout my body. She was my guide as I explored my own wilderness. I highly recommend this course and Jana on this wild journey of becoming endlessly incomplete. ~Lauren  
I never thought I was a candidate for "therapy" because I considered myself well adjusted and had a supportive husband and enough friends in whom I could confide and get advice.  But finally, life had caught up and I needed real guidance. I needed a healthy approach to dealing with family after having my son. I needed guidance managing relationships that were hindering my decision making process. I needed guidance on finding the confidence to lead my family because life had gotten too overwhelming. I needed guidance to find happiness again. Being well adjusted, :) I knew meditation was a key to solving much of what I needed. Even though there are apps for that, I needed a serious introduction to the practice and an in depth look at my personal issues. During my sessions with Jana I felt truly cared for. Even though she sees many patients, I felt like I was the only one she was looking after. In between our weekly skype sessions I felt so comforted knowing she was thinking of me and meditating for me- hence the power of meditation wrapped me in a feeling of security. She brought to the surface the true identity of some of my pain and frustrations. She didn't tell me what I was hoping to hear but what I needed to hear. She gave me powerful tools to deal with future hardships. Even after all of our sessions, she is still there for me when I need. Sometimes I don't even need to contact her. I just know she is routing for me and that brings me peace. ~Jenée,
I am truly grateful to Jana for the wonderful program. I went through some real deep realizations about how I was presuming my life to be and how it actually was. 'The work' is proving to be helpful in all my yogic and spiritual endeavors and is helping me further, to get to the depth of and resolve the hidden issues for many other people who are in the process of having a better experience of themselves on a human level. I heartily hope, I continue to help the humanity in this life time and further. Thank you ~DD