Since leaving The Yoga Barn in June 2017 I have been working with how to restructure what I can offer to the world & how to do so. I've found that labels don't really fit any longer, that each day brings something new, that each client comes before me in their magnificent uniqueness, and I can only offer my presence to that, with no preconceived agenda, goal or expectation. To put in words what I offer is just for general understanding. I/we are in constant flux and my services will reflect that.


I have been leading various workshops for over 10 years. They've covered things like Intuition, Energy, Chakras, Self-Empowerment. You can find a list of workshops I've done over the last 3 years here.  I only like to lead workshops that I feel strongly connected to, and this changes as i experience more and learn more. In saying that, if there is something you would like me to speak about or facilitate a workshop on, I am happy to discuss. If you're excited about it that makes me excited as well!


Women's Satsang

For ages women would gather every month to talk about their lives, make decisions about going forward, and seek & offer support and encouragement amongst each other. We’ve lost that tradition and with it the connection, collaboration and community amidst our fellow women. Join me for 1, 2 or 3 days of women’s satsang, learning about our selves and about each other through the chakra system, meditations and rituals around masculine and feminine energies, cycles within our bodies, and reconnecting back in to our deepest selves and community.

 Meditation, Meditation, Why So Much Meditation? (I'm open to a new title:)

I love to talk to people about meditation and why it is so beneficial for almost everyone! First I want to know why you want to meditate. From there, what keeps you from doing so or what obstacles present themselves in your practice? Let's find a way to get you started or enhance the practice you already have! This is open to men & women of every level.


I've had the privilege of working with Pi Villaraza over the past couple of years, including hosting his final workshop and attending his final training.  Pi is the founder of innerdance, a transformational and multifaceted healing process.  I offer to facilitate group and private sessions. 

Innerdance is just that - dancing with our innerselves. With the use of sound, energy, intuitive touch and guided inquiry, participants are asked to lay on the floor, breathe deeply and allow one's own life force the space to emerge. Through this process one may access fears without being scared, dreams without anxiety, history without wounding...eventually leading to a deeper awareness, trust within oneself and surrender to the beauty of life.  To understand more you can watch this video on YouTube.

Private Sessions in Person and via Skype

I will be offering a limited number of private sessions for the time being. Within each session we will chat about your current life situation, obstacles that seem to be in place, aspirations and general questions you may have. I will use my own resources of intuition, energy, knowledge and experience to facilitate shifts in your energetic body and mindset.