I have been hosting retreats all around the world and collaborating with different people. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests. 


I've been spending more and more time in India, exploring it's vast culture. I'm met some amazing people and enjoyed many many days of solitude. I've also been working with Baba, my teacher. Beginning in 2018, I am welcoming small groups to meet me in India to experience this sacred land and to possibly have private sessions with Baba. We can spend a determined amount of days together in a retreat space where he will work with individuals and then we can also take some time before/after to discover the beauty of Indian culture, visiting temples, tasting food, walking through the villages.

If you are interested in meeting me in India there are many options: you can meet me privately and we can do a private retreat that can include transformational work, time with Baba, journeying through a region of India; you can join a group that is already scheduled to meet with me; or you can gather a handful of friends to create your own group to meet with me.



Bahay Kalipay is a raw food, detox and yoga retreat space located in Puerto Princessa, Palawan in the Philippine Islands. I am able to host retreats here that incorporate their philosophies around raw food, including a 24-hour coconut fast. This is a beautiful addition to doing transformation work as your physical body can truly rest and repressed emotional energy is allowed space to move up and out. Transformation work, meditation, innerdance, and yoga are brought together for holistic healing at deep levels.  

Palawan is a tropical island with beautiful clean beaches and acres of natural landscape that allow for heartfelt connection to Mother Earth. If you are interested in meeting me in Palawan here are options: you can join a group that is already scheduled to meet with me, or you can gather a handful of friends to create your own group to meet with me. 


I credit my meditation practice as a foundation for not only my private life but also for any work that I share. I believe meditation is a key principle of empowerment through connection to Self.  Guiding clients to this connection is the focus of all of my work.

I work with many different types of meditation believing that you have to “start where you are” in order to succeed, rather than subscribing to how you “should” meditate, which often results in setting yourself up to fail. Approaching meditation from a psychological, scientific and spiritual perspective allows me to meet almost anyone wherever they are on their exploration of the many benefits of meditation. I believe meditation is a natural state. It cannot be forced but there must be intention, discipline and commitment to a practice that allows for this natural state to occur.

I am now available to host 1- 5 day meditation retreats that blend various types of meditation styles, customized for the participants.  I can come into an already hosted retreat and offer this, or we can work together to create a unique retreat based around meditation. I enjoy leading classes for beginners and advanced practices for those well into their journey. 

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