Jana Johnson’s intuitive work is both skillful and compassionate. She is able to enter the wider realms of consciousness and present her awareness in a manner that is mystical and practical. The integrity of her work rests in the steady commitment she has to her own spiritual exploration, as well as her willingness to investigate the channeling itself: the origins of the information she receives and the manner in which it comes through her.

One of the values of skilled channeling is that it opens possibilities to the recipient; it reveals new resources and suggests where the edges of growth exist. It taps into information that offers insights that are unique and creative. Jana’s work does all of this with heartfulness, mindfulness and great generosity. To her intuitive excellence, Jana adds her grounding in psychological awareness. I highly recommend her as an exceptionally gifted channel and a dedicated practitioner.  Julie Winter, Co-founder, The Helix Training

I have personally known and had both channeling and energy work sessions from Jana for several years now. She is incredibly well trained and educated in so many aspects of Western and alternative healing modalities, psychology, empowerment tools, and various practices, and she brings all of this into her work with others. As an educator, she's gifted in her conveying of this material - it's accessible and applicable, and also real. As a practitioner, she is incredibly insightful and provides tangible ways to see issues in your life from a fresh and more grounded perspective. 

I've left every session with her not only centered and clear, but equipped and empowered with new guidance. Jana's empathy, compassion and sincere desire (to support others) in aligning with their intention is remarkable. G. White Wolf, New York City

It’s so hard to find the perfect words to describe what Jana has brought into my life. We’ve known each other for many years but were never close. In 2009 when I had a life changing experience she reached out and offered her services, I accepted them, not knowing what to expect. Jana is special. She has a gift, Jana is a person put on this earth to heal and teach. As I said, it’s so hard to put into words on this short note how much she has changed my life, but my gratitude for her is undying. I thank my higher power for putting her in my life, for showing me that things can be better, that life continues, energy moves and love, pure love isn’t what we know, it’s bigger. Because of Jana I continue to remember that everyday of my life. Shanon Chaiken, Detroit

I consulted Jana during the Bali Spirit Festival (BSF) 2013. I found the experience with Jana and her guides, grounding and comforting—despite the sweltering 90 degrees heat, sheer crowd and that it was my first time at such a festival. Among other “revelations”, Jana mentioned that the little child in me wanted to “dance”. It was indeed a workshop on song and dance that had actually attracted me to the BSF in the first place! Qualities of the raw Feminine—connectedness, directness, nurturing compassion, and even a touch of playfulness, was what I experienced of Jana/her guides’ work. How wonderful to witness and experience these qualities in a clear and conscious manner amidst a melange of multicultural energies and influences!  M Shian, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta

Jana's chanelling was a blessing and a gift from the divine, that has given me guidance, healing, wisdom, love, joy, friendship and power.  Jana's warmth and kindness is a wonderful 'backdrop' to the information that came through.  I have been given great encouragement, connection and love through our meeting as I continue on my spiritual journey.  Thank you for sharing you amazing gift with myself and the rest of the world.  Inspiring, emotional and joyful. For any who are curious, or have specific questions, embark on this adventure with an open heart and your blessings will be revealed.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Blessings, Arihia Henry, Western Australia

I have worked with Jana for over four years: first, with laying-on-of-hands along with channeling/intuitive guidance; and then later, in conjunction with a weekly class that provided me with a vast knowledge of energy work, spirit, and meditation that has inspired my life and how I live it daily. She provided me with a safe space where I could release old non-life affirming energy and overcome so many fears in a conscious healthy way; which in turn, has given me a clarity that has allowed me to be in alignment with my own essence, intuition, and true purpose in life. 

She teaches you how to use tools that enable you to consciously live life and connect with the power that each one of us has within us to co-create a better world to live in, for us and for future generations. Currently, she still holds a space for me to check in with (through Skype sessions) during growth periods as well as healing transitions; and I am incredibly grateful to have her in my life--- I have no idea where I would be without her warmth, compassion, knowledge, belief, and beauty: she is such a bright light!  Missy Patterson, Los Angeles

Feedback from the Mentorship program:

I want to thank you dearly with all my heart for sharing your gifts with me and for your support over these past 8 weeks. You created a beautiful space filled with non-judgement, trust and kindness, I felt safe and free to express :) Recurring thought patterns, stagnant energy and old beliefs and values were brought into the light, allowing me to face, forgive and let go. I was completely unaware of the energy I was holding, especially my mums and the painful memories that stemmed from her and dads relationship. Oh bless her soul ❤️ I really feel a huge weight lifted in my body and I feel lighter in my energy, more sensitive in a sense and a greater sense of respect, self love, comfort and connection :) Thank you again my darling for helping me bring the darkness into the light, I am truly grateful for your wisdom, love and support :) !! D. Cross, AUS

Jana Johnson is one of the most authentic and sincere people I've known, she has a way of being which nourishes the soul even from miles away, she makes you feel heard, held and seen. I participated in Jana's meditation workshop and was invited to continue the journey inwards with her as a guide. I felt that Jana listened to what I was saying and understood where I was, where I was getting stuck and helped me to observe with the wisdom that was already inside of me. She asked the hard questions and gave me the courage to look at the answers or lack there of with grace and maturity. She stirred a sense of divine connectivity within me and facilitated my experience through meditation, journaling and conversation as I explored the divine feminine and my unique expression of this. I looked forward to our weekly sessions, I looked forward to the way I opened and closed, writhed against and accepted as we moved through the energetics of the chakras throughout my body. She was my guide as I explored my own wilderness. I highly recommend this course and Jana on this wild journey of becoming endlessly incomplete.  L. Howard-Tripp, AUS