Below are some suggestions for people to work with while I am unavailable.


Various workshops with Cat Kabira

July 21, 7-10pm Art of Listening & July 23, 1-5pm, Journey Through the Chakras, De Nieuwe Yoga School, Amsterdam
July 30th, 11-1pm Journey Through the Chakras, Little Yoga Space, Lisbon Portugal

1 day Sacred Satsang with Nicole Phoenix Starr

Aug 5 Brisbane & Aug 13 Sydney

Various types of sessions in Ubud:

Crainiosacral therapy & Light therapy with Eka:

I regularly worked with Eka's Light Therapy for quite a few months. I found it helped me clear energy and I can't qualify it with proven fact, my experience is that it progressed my journey.

        Tarot card readings with Bude Novi:

Novi is a gem with tarot card readings. She brings a blend of her Javanese heritage, Buddhist studies and natural intuitive abilities to the table.

        Adolf Brown:

Adolf is well known in Ubud for his Craniosacral therapy and Applied Kinesiology technique. He's one of the best available  and I go to him regularly.

SKYPE sessions from around the world:

Tamara Brown:, remote energetic work, intuitive work, medical intuitive

Nadine McNeil:, transformational coaching

Lair Torrent, CFMT:, marriage, family & individual counseling.

Michael Tamlin, MA:, Integral healing

    Dhyana Kluth: , An initiated mesa-carrying shamanka of the Inca tradition and Helix minister since 2007