We've just ended the Journey Through The Chakras online program in October. Stay tuned for an upcoming 2020 program!

It’s so hard to find the perfect words to describe what Jana has brought into my life. We’ve known each other for many years but were never close. When I had a life changing experience she reached out and offered her services, I accepted them,not knowing what to expect. Jana is special. She has a gift, Jana is a person put on this earth to heal and teach. As I said,it’s so hard to put into words on this short note how much she has changed my life, but my gratitude for her is undying. I thank my higher power for putting her in my life, for showing me that things can be better, that life continues, energy moves and love, pure love isn’t what we know, it’s bigger. Because of Jana I continue to remember that everyday of my life.  S.Chaiken, Detroit

I have worked with Jana for over four years: first, with laying-on-of-hands along with intuitive guidance; and then later, in conjunction with a weekly class that provided me with a vast knowledge of energy work, spirit, and meditation that has inspired my life and how I live it daily.She provided me with a safe space where I could release old non-life affirming energy and overcome so many fears in a conscious healthy way; which in turn, has given me a clarity that has allowed me to be in alignment with my own essence, intuition, and true purpose in life.She teaches you how to use tools that enable you to consciously live life and connect with the power that each one of us has within us to co-create a better world to live in,for us and for future generations.I am incredibly grateful to have her in my life--- I have no idea where I would be without her warmth, compassion, knowledge, belief, and beauty: she is such a bright light! M.Patterson, Los Angeles