One-on-One Healing Sessions:

Private sessions are tailored to your personal, emotional and spiritual needs. I draw from my studies in Reiki, Shamanism, Buddhism, Metaphysics and other healing traditions, as well as my experience in Counseling and Meditation in order to see, hear or feel information that provides a more encompassing picture of what may be transpiring in your life.

My goal is for clients to find self-empowerment through awareness and tools for conscious living. Intuitive guidance, energy work and meditation aim to reconnect you to Truth.

Sessions may include a combination of the following, depending on the specific issues:

Energy Work – In each session I rely on my intuition to direct where healing energy is most needed to clear, balance and recharge your chakra system and energetic field. The energy that channels through me is focused to the client via my hands, eyes, words and intention. During periods of transition this work is very helpful in transforming energy and relieving blocks, disengaging energy from that which doesn't positively serve you, and supporting emotional and physical growth. I have studied and completed various levels of energy healing modalities including different forms of Shamanism, master level Reiki training, and innerdance.  I cannot label myself with a title as I work from intuition, knowing that this rests on a foundation of years of study of many different modalities, beliefs and understandings.

Intuitive Guidance – This is a powerful approach to discover insights from the energies that are guiding our life path, relying on my connection to the spirit realm and the symbolic imagery that arises. This connection provides me with a deeper understanding of the questions being asked at the level of heart and soul. This is not fortune-telling, but rather incisive information to support your journey along your personal and spiritual path. It's best if you have some questions ready to begin the session.

Meditation and Counseling - Through Helix, a 4-year therapist training in New York City, I gained knowledge and experience working as a certified psycho-spiritual counselor.  Since 2005 I have been guiding people through crossroads, transitions and stagnancy, combining psychology, energy work and a strong push to develop a meditation practice.  

Mentoring/Supervisory  Programs

  • I offer supervision for people who are already working within the healing realms. These are weekly or bi-weekly Skype sessions that help to keep the facilitator clear and grounded, processing through personal issues triggered in client sessions and helping to strengthen and grow intuitive skills
  • I offer a spiritual mentoring program for people who are looking to connect deeper into their spirituality. Spirituality is not something that can be taught, and each person's path is unique to them. What I'm offering in this program is guidance to help you find your way onto your own path and/or deepen your practice. This is for people who are committed to spending time daily doing a practice of meditation, pranayam and self-inquiry.  I can only commit to guiding you if you are committed to yourself. If this is of interest to you please email me so we can chat about whether this is a good match for both of us.

Skype  Appointments - I am now offering Skype appointments. Packages are available.If you would like to set up an appointment you can do so directly here:

Sessions and workshops are scheduled at The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali through May 31, 2017. If you'd like to schedule after that date please contact me directly.