Inviting me to use my resources of intuition, shakti energy, knowledge and experience to facilitate shifts in your mindset and energetic body can lead to subtle or dynamic changes in your life. This is a co-creative effort that requires an open heart, commitment and self-discipline. Although I prefer to work in person, given the current state of the world and our inability to travel and meet in person, I am offering more one-on-one sessions online. 

Contact me with questions or click here to schedule.

Online Sessions through WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom

I am happy to chat about your current life situation, obstacles that seem to be in place, aspirations and general questions you may have. Through suggested sadhana (daily spiritual practice), pranayama, meditations and self-inquiry, I can help you to realize what it means to experience yourself, to be in the moment - improving mental clarity and balance, to build a foundation from which to make life decisions, and to be self-sufficient through self-resourcing. You are encouraged to commit to a series of sessions in order to fully integrate the work. A package of 4 sixty-minute sessions is $400USD. Individual sessions are available at $125USD. Click here to schedule online. 

Please note that since the pandemic outbreak in March 2020, I have been offering sessions via donation. Understanding that everyone is experiencing various stages of uncertainty, I offer this option in order to help anyone who is in need. 

Online Offerings


I am currently offering a weekly online meditation group as a drop in or 4-week package. Please check here for details!


I've created a YOUTUBE channel that includes meditations, talks and demos of movement techniques. 


I've recently joined, publishing recorded meditations. You can listen them for free, make donations or pay for a yearly subscription with added benefits. Please check it out and leave comments if you feel to!

World-wide Retreats with Me

I travel world-wide and if you'd like me to offer private sessions, talks or a retreat in your city, please contact me. I have been leading talks, classes and retreats for over 13 years, covering topics around spirituality, the benefits of meditation, understanding the basic chakra system and Freedom through self-discipline. These range from 1 - 5 days. Check the schedule below for currently scheduled events.


Inner Rising: This is a website I created as a dropbox for pure self-expression. It houses writings, videos, examples of rituals and practices I do or have done. 

I'm in the midst of writing my first book! Tentatively titled: 

Following No One's Rules: A Woman’s Spiritual Memoir Encouraging You to Find Your Own Way

Not one to follow the crowd, I offer up my trial and error journey on the path of self-evolution. What I found in the end is that sacredness is already within and accessible to all. Throughout the book I share practices and ideas that will encourage and help others focus toward finding their own path.

You can also check out some recent published articles on the Reading Room page.


Once things settle down with the current COVID19 issues I will be updating my travel schedule. Stay tuned for details, and if you'd like me to come to your city please email me!

During my sessions with Jana, I felt truly cared for. Even though she sees many people, I felt like I was the only one she was looking after. In between our weekly Skype sessions I felt so comforted knowing she was thinking of me and meditating for me – hence the power of meditation wrapped me in a feeling of security. She brought to the surface the true identity of some of my pain and frustrations. She didn’t tell me what I was hoping to hear but what I needed to hear. She gave me powerful tools to deal with future hardships. Even after all of our sessions, she is still there for me when I need. Sometimes I don’t even need to contact her. I just know she is rooting for me and that brings me peace.  ~ Jenée