In 2013, while in Bali, I had a dream, showing me how to transfer potent Source energy into malas.  I was told to first soak the crystals/stones in holy water, then chant over them as I string them, infusing them with the energy of Divine Force. This would allow people to physically have something with them that on an energetic level would support their BEing and on a more physical level would give their mind/sensations something to hold, to feel, to remind them of their path.

Although malas have become a form of jewelry in the west, I was also told, "Don’t make them too pretty as they are for deep meditation." They are to be treated as a dharma object.  (I have to admit, it is hard working with beautiful stones and crystals to not make them "too pretty"...I just create them and try not to think too much about it!)

And so I began.  

All crystals, charms and stones are soaked in Balinese Holy Water and all wooden beads are smudged for cleansing. Most pieces have been basking in the moonlight of the full or new moons each month. All pieces have been charged with energy transferred from the Divine through sacred ceremony and chanting mantras. Ask for details behind each piece!

The materials of each mala are selected by intuition to combine certain energies and properties. When you receive your mala you will receive a description page of the beads used, the moon it was laid out under, and the mantra programmed into it.

The Guru bead or pendant contains the accumulated power of the mantra performed. When repeating mantras, do not "cross over" the end bead. It stores power. Start at the Guru bead and when you get to the Guru bead again count the opposite way.

Through mantras, we experience an actual net gain in our  energy as well as tap the hugely powerful energy of kundalini. Chanting mantras is an especially effective way to activate energy throughout our body & spirit. Mantras also balance the feminine and masculine energies that crisscross our body allowing kundalini to flow through the body. 

So, your mala has 3 intuitively guided elements: the beads, the mantra and the moon cycle under which it was purified. These combine with your unique energy to create an experience that is personal and specific to you.

Customized Mala

$ 100 USD

I will make a mala especially for you, incorporating  specific materials and patterns, and intuiting a design for you.

Please contact me by email to discuss your order requirements. I can mail these out from Bali. Shipping will be additional cost...approximately $5USD for 2-3 week delivery in US or CAN, $3USD for Singapore, or $25USD for 1 week delivery to US or CAN, $10USD for Singapore.


Premade Mala

$ 85 USD

One-off handmade pieces. These have already been made according to the process outlined above. These photos are examples only- each piece is unique.