A completely unique & customized experience that will enhance and greatly contribute to your personal spiritual journey. This is something I experienced on my own for about two years, and realizing how rare & beneficial it is to have one-on-one attention, I've now created this opportunity for others to have as well.

You are invited to immerse yourself in a one of a kind transformational experience, guided by Shrinandanji (Baba) and me. During this time you will be held in space that is high energy, clear, calm and quiet. Full attention is given to your physical, emotional and energetic body; this can include body work, counseling, and energetic transmissions, along with meditation, homemade vegetarian (south Indian style) meals and daily fire ritual and sadhana practices; all given on a one-on-one basis.


This opportunity is open to those seeking to move further along in their spiritual journey. Whether you are at the beginning or well advanced, as long as you are open and willing to do some deep work you are welcome here. This is not a novelty or tourist visit. We are here for you only and are committed to your growth and healing, whether you are in the midst of crisis or sincerely looking to go deeper into your path. Many people have arrived stuck in emotional issues, addictions, or at a spiritual plateau. They have left with clarity, healing and a renewed sense of life. The work must continue after you leave through your own self-disciplined practice, with the option to remain in contact with us for continued guidance. Everything is done in order for you to reestablish connection to your own power and Truth through the Life Force that resides within you. This leads to clarity, renewed vitality and expanded creativity.


Energy transmissions initiate internal alchemical transformation. This allows for clearing of stagnant energy due to childhood wounding, dna/ancestral trauma and emotional/physical blockage. The transmission happens during one-on-one sessions, body work and meditation. Due to the high energy atmosphere, there is a natural entrainment that tends to happen which allows one to release and purge (physically, emotionally and energetically), therefore allowing one's natural strength, clarity, wisdom and positivity to emerge.

Although there is nothing set in stone, in a logistical sense the days consist of a morning sadhana practice (movement, breath, meditation), 2 one-on-one sessions with Baba, bodywork and a nightly fire ritual. 

Silence is suggested for the majority of time. This means turning all electronics off and dialogue only during sessions. This helps to keep your energy focused and calm. A calm nervous system is key to healing.


The three of us stay at my home in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It is often best to fly into a major hub and then take a local flight right into Coimbatore.  I live in a 3-bedroom/3-bath home in a secure gated community. We have a cook who prepares all vegetarian meals south Indian style.


This is an ongoing opportunity throughout the year. The high tourist season in general in India is October - March. Coimbatore is not a tourist destination so the atmosphere here stays pretty much the same all year round. Coimbatore weather is relatively mild in comparison to the rest of the country; March - May are generally the hottest months, a strong wind comes in through June and July blowing out the hot air and bringing in the rain that usually comes around August - November. December and January are the coolest months as February brings the change of season once again. Of course, as we all know, weather everywhere is unpredictable but this gives you a general idea.


Baba works with what he calls “Swatantra”, an authentic tantric experience of energetic transformation that leads to divine union within oneself, resulting in total freedom. There is no dogma, no religion, no renunciation, no should or shouldn’t. He doesn’t teach anything per se, he prefers to call it a sharing. Sitting with him often leads to activation & channelization of one’s inherent life force energy. This happens via energetic transmission - through words, meditation and hands-on work. Baba doesn’t subscribe to the more western ideas of how spirituality “should” be approached. He does whatever is necessary to clear and activate the energy. He’s an energy master and you will feel it. He is not looking for devotees, although many call him their guru. He only works one-on-one with people and you will work with him twice daily.

You can hear him speak on a few subjects on the Swatantra channel on YouTube.


I have been doing healing work for over 15 years. My work started in the US in 2005, then carried on through my time in Bali, Indonesia for almost 6 years, and now into India since 2018. I am a trained psycho-spiritual counselor who works extensively with energy through hands-on work and transmissions. I've studied and been certified in various healing modalities and spiritual traditions, yet my work now is uniquely my own. I have been bridging the gap between western and eastern spiritual ideals and healing, and am happy to be offering others the opportunity to explore this as well. I will work with you daily on facilitating any mental and emotional processing that needs to be done, leading the sadhana practice, doing energetic body work, and guiding the nightly fire ceremony.

You can read more about my journey here and view a few videos on my YouTube channel.r


Cost: $1400USD for 7 days, $2000 for 11 days


- taxi pick up/drop off at Coimbatore airport

- all meals and accommodation

- fee for my healing work

- fee for staff, maintenance & management of house

- Baba's accommodation and needs 

(*does not include travel to/from Coimbatore. **does not include dakshina for Baba- see below)

Deposit: $1000USD to hold the dates

Balance due: $400 or $1000USD due 1 month prior to visit


- 30+ days prior to arrival: Full amount refunded

- 15-29 days prior to arrival: refund 50% of what has been deposited

- 14 days or less prior to arrival: no refund


In India, spiritual teachers do not ask for money for their time and efforts. It is customary to offer “dakshina” to them, an offering from the heart of the student to the teacher in appreciation. It is a way to balance the energy of the sharing that takes place. I have found that most people don’t understand the concept of dakshina and are unclear as to the amount of money that would be appropriate to offer Baba as dakshina. My suggestion is around $500USD for a 7-day immersion, but the final decision is yours and this will be graciously accepted. I’m happy to chat more with you about this if a visit is planned. 


Over the past couple of years we have had a variety of people come and stay with us. Here are some recent testimonials.

If you are interested in learning more about this immersion please email me to set up a time to talk further.