Free Meditations

Here are a couple of audio recording from Meditation classes I've done. Enjoy!

Chakra Balancing.mp3

Chakras & Acceptance.mp3

Also, many people have enjoyed doing the META meditation that I've offered in classes and sessions. Here is a pdf that you can download so you can do it yourself at home. I recommend doing it every day for a month and notice even slight changes in your relationships.

metameditation.pdf metameditation.pdf
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Here is a pdf of a simple daily "self-care" routine that can be modified to suit your timing. By starting each day with self-care you begin the day grounded and centered.

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Below is a video that I did in honor of Shri Nandanji.  I have taught many people this transmitted pranayam technique that he passed on to me. Try it out for yourself and feel the energy and grounding that occurs!