Living in the Body and the Heart

A Woman's New Year Retreat

It’s time for a change.

It’s time for women to differentiate between being emotional and living in and from the heart. It’s not the same. Living in/from the heart is a Powerful, self-resourced, loving way of being that is not contingent on anyone or anything else.

It’s time for society to embrace sexuality as a natural and important part of well-being. It’s time to be open about how much we feel, about our lack of connection to our own body, about how we express our sexual energy, how we repress our full energetic force for fear of overwhelming another.

This suppression affects your entire life. This energy - sexual energy, life force - is at the core of life…it is how it began. But we’re afraid to talk about it. We’re in denial of our sexual issues and insecurities. We live in a world of sexual suppression, misinformation and confusion.

Are you ready to get real? Are you ready to look at the guilt, shame, insecurity that you're holding, that we're holding collectively as women around our emotion and sexual self?

There is actually a whole science that looks at how you can use this sexual energy to spiritually awaken. But no one ever taught us these things. Sometimes the most powerful knowledge is suppressed the most.

 Join me in creating a safe space to discuss, explore and express all that it means to be a woman in this day and age. We’ll discuss taboos, self-care and learn how important it is that we understand our own bodies.

The dawning of a New Year…what better time to create a new way of being within oneself and the world.

 Who do you want to Be in this world?

This is an overnight (2) retreat beginning at 10am on Dec. 30th and ending at 12noon on Jan. 1st. 

6 meals provided

overnight accommodation for 2 nights

1 follow up session with Jana via skype available before Jan. 31st.

This retreat has limited spaces available in order to keep it intimate and safe. 

Early bird registration and payment before October 1st: 

Registration and payment after October 1st:

*payment plans can be worked out.

**Cancelation before November 1st: 100% refund. Cancellation before December 1st: 50% refund. No refund after Dec. 1st.