Cairns|April 12 - 23

Private sessions $140AUD: April 15 - 18. Email me for times. 

Women's Circle: April 12| 7-9pm $30AUD


A call to the women of the Cairns community to gather in the tradition of the “red tent.”   For ages women would join together each month to commune with Mother Earth and with each other. They would speak of the trials of the villages, the accomplishments of their people, and the decisions that needed to be made, while passing on sacred rites to women young and old. This community allowed for expression, for questions and for wisdom to be shared. Most modern women have lost this tradition and the resulting connection within themselves, and amongst their community of women. We can’t go back to the time of the “red tent”, but we can find our way to a new way of nourishing, sharing and celebrating our inherent connection as women. Please join us for this special event!

Women's Full Day Satsang: April 13 | 9am - 5pm $170AUD or $300AUD for both Saturday and Sunday


A full day workshop of women focused practices, meditations and discussions that will help you to understand the importance of the feminine energy body and chakra system. When we recognize that we are subtly and dynamically affected by the energy surrounding us, we can begin to manage our own field in order to maintain our inner strength, calm and clarity . Reconnect to the depth of Feminine energy within yourself, and within your community.  Join us for this 1 day workshop!

The Importance of a Daily Sadhana: April 14| 9am - 5pm $170AUD or $300 for both Saturday and Sunday


Sadhana, literally “a means of accomplishing something”, is a spiritual practice that aims to progress you towards the ultimate expression of your life. It takes discipline, which often requires a rewiring of the programs around “discipline” that most of us have. Discipline does not equal punishment: Discipline equals liberation. Throughout the day we’ll discuss the various perceived obstacles that keep people from having a daily practice, and be introduced to movement and pranayama that can help you connect into your Life Force energy – the energy that naturally runs through you but is often channeled improperly. You’ll be given a template for a daily sadhana that can be incorporated into your current daily practice or as a fresh start. Both men and women are invited to join this workshop!


Chrysalis Relaxation Centre

129 Mulgrave Road Parramatta Park QLD 4870 AUS

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Meditation as a Natural State: A Meditation and Silent Retreat: April 19-22 | Retreat starts at 10am on Friday, April 19 and ends at 3pm on Monday, April 22.

Price varies due to accommodation choice. All Packages are inclusive of Retreat Classes, All Meals and Snacks and Accommodation of your choice. Spaces are limited to be sure to register early!


Not only is meditation and silence the ultimate teacher for us spiritually, science has now proven many physical benefits of a daily practice. Join us as we explore various techniques of meditation from simple methods to a more advanced practice of silence. We will start with the basics of meditation on Friday morning, exploring different styles throughout the two days, and culminating with a day of silence on Sunday. Monday morning we will have time to reflect on the experience before departing after lunch. Guided meditations, chanting, movement and other methods will be used to help each person find what type of practice works for them. We use these practices with the understanding that meditation is a natural state and all practices are truly just preparation for this state that organically occurs. Men and women are invited to this retreat!


Sanctuary Retreat at Mission Beach

72 Holt Road

Garners Beach

QLD 4852 AUS