A Work in Progress...

Writing a bio is one of the hardest parts of self-promotion. It all seems uninteresting to me but I understand that when people know where you "came from" it helps to feel connected.  Here's a bit: I grew up in Minnesota, USA in a rural town of less than 5,000. I'm the youngest of 5 and now a proud aunt of 10. I graduated high school from a class of 110, most of whom I went to kindergarten with as well. From about 16 I knew I wanted to move away and explore the world. Between 18 - 43, I was a nanny in Connecticut, went to school in Florida, worked in Washington, California and New York. Music has always been a big love of mine, dictated much of my social life and initially directed my career, starting with booking a punk club in Seattle to being on the road for a summer tour with the Allman Brothers Band. I worked in the entertainment industry in some form or another for my entire professional life of 20 years. Most of my education about how the world works came from my 9 years working at The New Yorker magazine as an event producer for the editorial department under the inimitable David Remnick. It seems none of this would have anything to do with where my life is now, but I'm a true believer that everything prepares you for your next step. Therefore I have tremendous appreciation for my life experiences!

People often ask me when my "spiritual" journey began. Lifetimes ago I think! My desire for my own healing in this lifetime initiated my curiosity in spirituality around 1989. In 2002, I met my first teacher, Julie Winter, in NYC. She helped me to understand my empathic sensibility and to develop (what I learned to be) my intuition. In 2003, I began a four year psycho-spiritual therapist training called Helix. This program was based in psychology, spiritual disciplines (primarily S. American shamanism and Buddhism), energy work and metaphysics.  We were required to see clients, under supervision, as student therapists. In these sessions I focused on energy work and intuitive guidance. This is when my journey actually doing healing work began. Since then I have visited and studied with numerous teachers, healers and holy men and women from all over the world.

During Helix, I continued to work in the business world, seeing clients for healing work on the weekends, until 2009. Once I left corporate work I knew I would need to leave NYC altogether but it took me a few years to take the leap. In 2010, I met a woman who had been living in Indonesia and she encouraged me to visit Ubud due to it's spiritually focused community.  In 2012, I put my things into storage, packed 2 bags and left for an indefinite stay in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, sight unseen. After I bought the ticket I had to look on a map to see where I was going. I learned it was the exact opposite side of the world. I was scared...and I got on the plane anyway.

My way of life changed 100%. After 2 years of building an international clientele through word of mouth, I joined The Yoga Barn as a resident "Specialist Therapist", as my visa names it. It's been an amazing journey at YB. I've literally seen thousands of people from places I didn't even know existed. I, and my work, have grown in ways I never imagined.  I regularly sit with Balinese priestesses, witness rituals, visit sacred grounds and participate in ceremonies all over this little Hindu island. My gratitude for this time period is immense.

After years of solo study and experimentation, I've found two guides for this current time in my life: Here in Bali I sit with a beautiful Lama, trained in Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhism, who gives me structure and grounding, and in India, a Mystic who pushes me beyond what I thought was possible and feeds my hunger for wisdom that I can't find in books. Since meeting them my life has changed dramatically yet again.

Entering into 2017 I've decided to take another leap. I'll be finishing my work at The Yoga Barn at the end of May and going on personal retreat for at least a couple of months before returning to service work. I now know something I've never known before:  If I give myself space, all that I desire will emerge. There is no more searching, no more reading, no more studying. Everything is already here...within me.

I've come to trust that I will be where I need to be, doing what I need to do, exactly when I need to be doing it. Trusting it will lead me to complete Freedom: non-attachment, powerful mastery of my mind & body, joyful celebration.

Photos by Suki Zoe Photography