I have been leading various workshops for over 10 years, covering topics such as Intuition, Energy, Chakras & Self-Empowerment.  Workshops topics are those that I feel strongly connected to, and this changes as I experience more and learn more. In saying that, if there is something you would like me to speak about or facilitate a workshop on, I am happy to discuss. If you're excited about it that makes me excited as well!

Lately, I'vebeen facilitating private retreats for small groups of 6-10 people over 2-3 days. This is something that I enjoy and feel is a wonderful opportunity to connect and work deeply. If you would like to host a private event for you and your friends please contact me for more information.


Women's Satsang

For ages women would gather every month to talk about their lives, make decisions about going forward, and seek & offer support and encouragement amongst each other. We’ve lost that tradition and with it the connection, collaboration and community amidst our fellow women. Join me for 1, 2 or 3 days of women’s satsang, learning about our selves and about each other through the chakra system, meditations and rituals,  masculine and feminine energies, cycles within our bodies, and reconnecting back in to our deepest selves and community.
Thanks so much for organizing the workshop.  I put on my post that it is up there with one of the best weeks of my life.  Have had the opportunity to share some of the things that happened for me at the workshop with my granddaughter. She had a chuckle about the angels sucking on the heart shaped musk sticks. Great to be part of the feminine lineage. ~Trish B.

Women's Circle

An intimate 2-hour gathering for women to speak, listen and connect. I conduct the Circle as a ceremony where there is space for women to be heard while they speak Truth, hear other women's Truth and reconnect to the feminine force within. 
Being able to just talk like that, being listened to and practically forced (in a good way!) to continue talking, to not stop, to take time to develop your thoughts aloud made me view communication in a completely new way. Also, I think I felt a bit lost and confused at the time, and the hour in the women's circle was healing. It gave me space, and continues to give me space, in thinking about and grieving my father in my own way. Thank you for that. Your support in all of that made me (and I can probably speak for all of us) feel safe. ~Sanna S.

 Meditation, Meditation, Why So Much Meditation? (I'm open to a new title:)

I love to talk to people about meditation and why it is so beneficial for almost everyone! First I want to know why you want to meditate. From there, what keeps you from doing so or what obstacles present themselves in your practice? Let's find a way to get you started or enhance the practice you already have! This is open to men & women of every level.
I can't tell you, from a little 3 hour Meditation 101, what amazing benefits your teachings have presented me. I've since learnt more from other sources, but the grounding remains yours and I appreciate this immensely. I'm very happy to think of you as my number 1 mentor! ~RHonda Q.