I'm excited to be heading back to Bahay Kalipay in Palawan. BK is a yoga, raw food detox and innerdance retreat space. I'll be guest teaching the whole month of August and hosting 2 retreats. 

Bahay Kalipay is located in Puerto Princesa and has access to a mangrove beach across the street where you can watch the gorgeous sunrise. On site are simple bungalows, some with shared bathrooms, some without (shared bathrooms located near by). It's a beautiful place to get back to the basics, feed your body with clean energizing nutritious food, warm sunshine and simple facilities. You can also choose to come early or stay after to visit some of the local beautiful clean beaches (pictured above).

I'll be available for private sessions throughout the month as well. I hope you'll join me!

Registration for both retreats and private sessions through Bahay Kalipay.  Please email them directly. 

Aug. 10- 12 Women's Satsang Weekend

In our world of accelerated change the time to gather together as women in community has come. Each one sharing their wisdom of life experience. No competition, no-comparison; only authentic connection in ways that we know, understand and crave, yet seemingly have forgotten. Creativity, Sexuality, Spirituality…all divinely Feminine attributes that have been suppressed not only by external sources but by our own fears and expectations. It's time to allow our true wisdom to emerge from the shadows through the support of this sacred circle.

For ages women would gather together each month around their moon cycle to commune with Mother Earth and with each other. They'd speak of the trials of the villages, the accomplishments of their people, and the decisions that needed to be made. This ritual that allowed for expression, questions and wisdom to be shared has been lost in time. We cannot go back to that time but we can find a new way to gather.

We'll start with a women's circle on Friday evening, a morning sadhana practice, and workshops/talks around womb wisdom on Saturday and Sunday. (Finishing Sunday around 5pm.) All meals provided by BK's talented raw food chefs!

You’re invited to rediscover the thread of the Feminine that unites us all.

Price: 19,600PHP (~$374USD, will vary slightly on date of conversion) includes accommodation.

Aug. 26-30 Five Days of Freedom, an Immersion into Swatantra

For those of you who have been following my journey over the past couple of years, you know I've been working with an Indian teacher, Baba. His work is called Swatantra, an authentic tantric experience of energy transformation that leads to Total Freedom. Its working energetically to clear emotional, physical and mental blocks, which then allows the rise of the Life Force that naturally runs in each of us. In two years I have experienced tremendous healing of old wounds that I had been working with for decades, and exponential growth on my spiritual path. I've been encouraged to begin leading some of these practices and sharing knowledge so more people can experience Total Freedom. Freedom from the mind, freedom within the body, divine union within oneself. 

The path of Freedom is not for the faint of heart. A daily practice, a daily commitment, a daily surrender. The imbalance within our own system – mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically creates distraction, blockages and confusion. The body naturally finds its way back into balance as we clear the blocks and energize the system. The ego works hard to remain as the Master, directing all. But there is something well beyond the ego’s grasp that once touched, brings about a sense of contentment, satisfaction and knowing.

There will be a daily sadhana practice,workshops and extended periods of silence in this immersion, as well as 1 day of coconut fasting. Bahay Kalipay serves 3 creative and delicious raw food meals daily. This integrates well into the clearing of the system. The physical body is the carrier of the energetic imprints/memories deep within the cells. Cleansing the body from the inside out is a powerful process. Doing a raw food detox, with one day of coconut fasting is not as hard as you may think, particularly because of Bahay Kalipay’s staff and their expertise in providing high quality, delicious food. This retreat will be my dèbut facilitation of Swatantra and I am excited to be doing at BK, where along with the daily yoga and workshops we will enjoy clean eating and simple living!

To be clear - tantra isn't something to be taught. It's a way of being that one embodies. You will leave this immersion with a strong daily practice that will serve as a foundational base as you return to your daily life…as that is where the real work begins.

Program begins at 10:30am on Sunday, Aug 26 and finishes around 5pm on Thursday, Aug. 30.

Price: 31,000PHP (~$574USD will vary slightly on date of conversion) includes accommodation.