I credit my meditation practice as a foundation for not only my private life but also for any work that I share. I believe meditation is a key principle of empowerment through connection to Self.  Guiding clients to this connection is the focus of all of my work.

I work with many different types of meditation believing that you have to “start where you are” in order to succeed, rather than subscribing to how you “should” meditate, which often results in setting yourself up to fail. Approaching meditation from a psychological, scientific and spiritual perspective allows me to meet almost anyone wherever they are on their exploration of the many benefits of meditation. I believe meditation is a natural state. It cannot be forced but there must be intention, discipline and commitment to a practice that allows for this natural state to occur.

I am now available to host 1- 5 day meditation retreats that blend various types of meditation styles, customized for the participants.  I can come into an already hosted retreat and offer this, or we can work together to create a unique retreat based around meditation. I enjoy leading classes for beginners and advanced practices for those well into their journey. 

I'm also developing intimate group retreats to the Philippines and India. Contact me if you'd like to learn more.

*Photo credit: Ulrike Reinhold