Free Meditations

Here are a couple of audio recording from Meditation classes I've done. Enjoy!

Chakra Balancing.mp3

Chakras & Acceptance.mp3

Also, many people have enjoyed doing the META meditation that I've offered in classes and sessions. Here is a pdf that you can download so you can do it yourself at home. I recommend doing it every day for a month and notice even slight changes in your relationships.

metameditation.pdf metameditation.pdf
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Here is a pdf of a simple daily "self-care" routine that can be modified to suit your timing. By starting each day with self-care you begin the day grounded and centered.

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Below is a video that I did in honor of Shri Nandanji.  I have taught many people this transmitted pranayam technique that he passed on to me. Try it out for yourself and feel the energy and grounding that occurs!


Jade Eggs:

If you haven't heard about Jade Eggs for womenI encourage you to look into them! Using Jade Eggs is a holistic practice for women that can improve health and heal many dysfunctions: emotional, physical and spiritual.  They've been used for thousands of years for spiritual practice, to promotion vaginal health, helping to build chi, life-force energy and maintaining all around vitality and health. There are many different stone choices, all with different emphasis. Once you've bought the eggs, there is a great little book on Amazon, "How to Use Jade Eggs: Menstruation to Menopause" that gives you fantastic information on how to use them. Click here for the book link!
If you'd like to chat about the eggs please feel free to email me.

Crystals: STONE RUSH

If you are looking for some beautiful clean crystals, I recommend checking out this site. Carla is based in Germany and is doing some beautiful work with the crystals.I purchased a beautiful arganite crystal from Spain through Carla and the energy is superb!

Marriage, Family and Individual Counseling via Skype: Lair Torrent


Lair Torrent is someone I trust implicitly. He and I went through the Helix program together and he went on to receive his master's degree in marriage and family counseling. He is currently working out of Charleston, SC, via Skype. His skills as a therapist are evident in that people reach out to him from around the world for guidance through individual, couple and business issues. HE ALSO NOW HAS AN ONLINE PROGRAM FOR COUPLES THAT IS BEING RECEIVED AT INCREDIBLE LEVELS. you can check it out here:

Feminine Healing:  DHYANA KLUTH


I know Dhyana from my days in NYC, and through the Helix program. She has gone on to develop her shamanic offerings and has been specializing in healing of the feminine. She is based in NJ and offers in-person sessions, workshops and online programs. She is a wife, mother and deeply committed to healing the Divine Feminine within each of us.


Julie Winter, The Micciah Channel (my teacher in NYC)                                                                                                                        

Julie has been my beloved teacher since 2002. In many ways she truly saved my life. She gave me information, inspiration, structure and so much love as I stumbled my way onto my path.She and her partner Jon created this channel and have put some current videos of Julie channeling, and also videos from the 1980's when she had a cable channel that was seen around the world.


Ashley Torrent It's Not So Quiet in Here                         

Ashley's work can be read in Elephant Journal and other conscious writing outlets. She grew up with a mentally unstable mother with undiagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder, and found her way through an abusive childhood into womanhood, and being a wife and mother. She says writing may have saved her life. It's only recently that she's found a way to share these writings in a way that feels authentic, purposeful and healing. Reading them feels like you're a fly on the wall of her life, watching from above as she finds her power in every situation through vulnerability, honesty and compassion.

YOga :                                                     

Cat Kabira            

I have had the pleasure of meeting many amazing yoga teachers while working at The Yoga Barn.  Cat Kabira stands out so much because of her energetic sensitivities and her ability to put those sensitivities into words. She goes beyond teaching yoga and into connectivity at a deep level. I highly recommend you look into her training and workshops if you're interested in the energetics of yoga!

Tanya Kaps           

I've also gotten to know Tanya in Ubud. She is fully committed to her personal yogic journey and sharing her knowledge and experience with others in support of each person's unique journey. She offers a full-spectrum training that will give you a strong foundation to grow from. She shares from a pure heart full of gold.