Innerdance comes through Pi Villaraza, a Filipino man who dedicated 10 years of his life to "waking" people up to the inner life force that is present in everyone through a particular yet non-specific modality combining music, intuitive touch and inspired speech. I was fortunate enough to work with Pi over the last two years of his work. (He is currently in silent retreat and has declared himself "retired" from providing services and teaching in the way he has done so for the past 10 years.)

Innerdance is just that - dancing with our innerselves. With the use of sound, energy, intuitive touch and guided inquiry, participants lay on the floor, breathe deeply and allow one's own life force the space to emerge. Through this process one may access fears without being scared, dreams without anxiety, history without wounding...eventually leading to a deeper awareness, trust within oneself and surrender to the beauty of life.  To understand more you can watch this video on YouTube.

To participate in an innerdance session only requires that you show up with an open mind and heart. There is no set agenda, no expectation and no desired outcome from me, the facilitator. I merely provide the space for you to sink into your breath, your heartbeat, your life. Tracks of music are played working with the various waves of the brain that allow you to rest in a paradoxical state of awakened dreaming. I will guide you into relaxation with words and I may lay hands on you if that feels appropriate. Some experience cathartic release; some sense a knowing, an understanding, an acceptance of life; fears can be released; trauma can be healed and peace can be experienced.

*Photo credit: Annie Katoski