The ALIGNMENT program has come to me in bits and pieces. My understanding of and curiosity about life changes the more I experience...and thus my offerings change as well. I've spent years exploring, questioning and defining Alignment for myself...alignment with what, you may ask? I'll be honest...there is no end goal. Putting my thoughts to the test of "is that true?", putting my way of living to the questions of "does this cultivate joy? Who am I living for?", putting my life under observation with "am I present with right now?" All of this brings me into the flow of Universal Energy...stumbles and mishaps included...inevitably pouring me into Alignment with Life. This brings ease, joy and contentment with What Is. It doesn't mean my life is without it's ups and downs, it means I can handle what ever life brings with Acceptance and more often than not, Gratitude. 

I know there are many people who wish to find this path to Alignment but don't know where to start. This is where I can help. I invite you to step into your own journey through this program. All of the segments lead back to one thing:

True Connection to Self.

There is really nothing more you need. I offer various ways and opportunities to help you get there. I've tried to create templates for various programs of mine but they never come to fruition because I find that every person is so unique, and their journey is equally unique, so I cannot put a template on their practice. I must customize every one. Due to this effort there are limited spaces available. That is my commitment to you...I will meet you with as much effort as you meet me.  All programs are open to men and women. If you have any questions or would like to participate feel free to contact me.





segment 3: Clearing out the old 

The third segment of the Alignment program will take place over 6 weeks starting the week of November 12, 2018. Each week you will receive an email from me with a new technique for you to practice over the week that will encourage the clearing out of stagnant energy within the body. We'll begin with an introductory phone call to find out where your biggest blocks are, followed by 5 weekly emails, and finish with a final call evaluating what techniques work best for you and how best to continue using them. A daily commitment is required as you'll be asked to work with the technique each day along with journaling about your experience throughout the program. You will be able to message with me throughout the program with any questions or issues.This process will help you to recognize where you are being blocked, how to clear these blocks, and as you clear, your Life Force strengthens through self-resourcing. The techniques can be returned to as needed.  


This second segment is a 4 week commitment. Every week we will have a video chat to discuss what is stopping you from living fully in your body and your potential. You will receive customized "homework" for the week based on our conversation that will require a daily commitment from you to yourself. This will include a sadhana (spiritual practice of movement, pranayam/breathwork, meditation), self-inquiry & journaling, and other exercises such as a guided meditation, a video to watch or audio file to listen to. For 4 weeks I'll give guidance and direction pointing back to the fire inside of you...this might present as purification of old patterns and thoughts, as a spark of inspiration around your creativity, or as an answer to the burning sensation in your belly. We really won't know until we begin. 


This segment will require daily commitment from both you and me. Each day (5 days) you will receive an email with a daily practice for the following day. At the end of each day you'll journal on a shared document with me your experience, thoughts, questions, etc. about the practice. The practice may be self-reflection journaling, a particular meditation, instructions for the day, recommended readings, videos, etc.. I will check the document daily and make comments, ask questions, and/or acknowledge that I've read your journal. Each week we will also have an online call (day 6) to discuss the week. My aim with this program is to help you move into full alignment with your creative spirit in whatever way your heart is pulled - relationship & sexuality, artistic endeavors, career, etc. The exercises and questions will bring attention to where you are perhaps leaking energy, not focusing enough, compartmentalizing…basically whether you're walking your talk or just talking. You will have daily access to me & I will meet you with as much effort as you meet me.

Jana's "Aligning with your Creative Spirit" course opened doors and improved many aspects of my life. Each week I learned so much about myself and my body. With the help of Jana's carefully crafted questions, I was able to deeply introspect my pains and fears and eventually able to heal myself of them. Jana provided a comfortable and safe environment for me to open up about my hidden and unhealed traumas considering the supposedly reserved nature of mine. By the end of every week, I was able to feel lighter and clearer in my head. She also motivated me to pursue my dreams and become independent by simultaneously feeding my creative side. Throughout the course, I was introduced to different practices of yoga, meditation and spiritual gurus. I can confidently say that this course has changed my life for good and I have many takeaways from it apart from just Chakra healing. She has beautifully crafted the whole program around the 7 chakras and the healings associated with each of them. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is on the lookout to expand their consciousness and change their way of living for good. She is a beautiful soul and the kindest spirit I've come across. I can't thank her enough of all the love and wisdom she has bestowed me with. Ram Ram! ~ R.M.
I had the opportunity to work with Jana in the 'Aligning to Your Creative Spirit' program.  Working with Jana was amazing.  She provided one on one teaching.  Through the daily activities she provided feedback creating growth .  Jana has a unique way to help you dig deeper into your perceptions/ beliefs/ emotions/ thoughts that helps you look at your life with a new perspective.  She gently helps you to get honest with yourself and encourages you to question long held beliefs.  She introduced me to new breathing techniques that allowed me to deepen my daily practice.  If you are looking to move to the next level and dig deeper I highly recommend Jana to help and guide you.  The program she has created is uniquely individualized.  It is a program that will provide you incredible growth that you cannot get anywhere else. ~ C.A.