I am excited to be offering a new 6-week program for both men and women starting April 1st:


This program will require daily commitment from both you and me. Each day (5 days) you will receive an email with a daily practice for the following day. At the end of each day you'll journal on a shared document with me your experience, thoughts, questions, etc. about the practice. The practice may be self-reflection journaling, a particular meditation, instructions for the day, recommended readings, videos, etc.. I will check the document daily and make comments, ask questions, and/or acknowledge that I've read your journal. Each week we will also have an online call (day 6) to discuss the week.

My aim with this program is to help you move into full alignment with your creative spirit in whatever way your heart is pulled - relationship & sexuality, artistic endeavors, career, etc. The exercises and questions will bring attention to where you are perhaps leaking energy, not focusing enough, compartmentalizing…basically whether you're walking your talk or just talking. You will have daily access to me & I will meet you with as much effort as you meet me.

Fee for this program is $1188USD. With my normal hourly rate for sessions being $125USD, this rate of $198USD per week with daily access feels really good. I'm happy to discuss payment plans as well. 

Due to the amount of daily attention this will require, I will be taking on a limited amount of people for this 6 weeks so I'd like to have an initial chat with you to make sure that this program is a good match. If you are interested please message me to discuss so I can make final determinations and prepare for an April 1st start.

Are you ready?? Message me with any questions!

"Jana Johnson is one of the most authentic and sincere people I've known, she has a way of being which nourishes the soul even from miles away, she makes you feel heard, held and seen. I felt that Jana listened to what I was saying and understood where I was, where I was getting stuck and helped me to observe with the wisdom that was already inside of me. She asked the hard questions and gave me the courage to look at the answers or lack there of with grace and maturity. She stirred a sense of divine connectivity within me and facilitated my experience through meditation, journaling and conversation as I explored the divine feminine and my unique expression of this. I looked forward to our weekly sessions, I looked forward to the way I opened and closed, writhed against and accepted as we moved through the energetics of the chakras throughout my body. She was my guide as I explored my own wilderness. I highly recommend this course and Jana on this wild journey of becoming endlessly incomplete. ." LHT
"I am truly grateful to Jana for the wonderful program. I went through some real deep realizations about how I was presuming my life to be and how it actually was. 'The work' is proving to be helpful in all my yogic and spiritual endeavors and is helping me further, to get to the depth of and resolve the hidden issues for many other people who are in the process of having a better experience of themselves on a human level. I heartily hope, I continue to help the humanity in this life time and further."DD