Bali, 2016

Freedom & Strength from Within

My journey has brought me from Minnesota to New York, then Indonesia to India. Working as a holistic healer at an international yoga center in Ubud, Bali, afforded me the experience of seeing thousands of clients from all over the world: men, women, young, old, from all races and religions. Eventually the call to look further inward led me to India. It is here in India that I now spend most of my time.

This chapter of my life has also brought me to my teacher, whom I call Baba. Baba introduced me to Swatantra, which he defines as Total Freedom, or finding one's own path. Freedom being something I have sought since I was a child, and this path has now led me to it in a most authentic and tangible way. Swatantra is a genuine experience of energetic transformation; divine union within oneself, the inner Siva/Shakti, the integration of Yin/Yang. There is no dogma, no religion, no renunciation, no should or shouldn’t. It is about self-discipline leading to Freedom of your own accord.

Swatantra, along with the accumulated knowledge and experience of my 20+ year journey, is what I share with those who are looking to go deeper into their own path. You can read more of my history on About Me, get insight into how we can connect on the Offerings page, and take advantage of some free resources on the Sadhana and Reading Room pages to help you along your way.

photo: Suki Zoe Photography

Upcoming Events

Ongoing Online Appointments Available

I am currently offering more available times for one-on-one sessions online to support and encourage people through this worldwide crisis. If you are not able to pay full price there are donation sessions available. Click to schedule. 

Online Programming

Weekly meditation & spiritual conversations are ongoing on Saturday evening/Sunday morning, depending on your time zone. Click here for details.

Travel Schedule

Once things settle down with COVID19, I will plan my next trip outside of India. In the meantime, feel free to connect with me with online sessions . 


I've created a channel during the lockdown period for those who would like some immediate interaction. You can visit it here. 

Insight Timer - Meditations available

I have recently joined Insight Timer as a teacher and am updating my profile with recorded meditations. You can listen to them free, make donations or pay for a yearly subscriptions with added benefits. I have just begun in September and will be adding more recordings in the next few weeks. Please check it out and leave comments if you'd like!

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