Freedom & Strength from Within

My journey has brought me from Minnesota to New York, then Indonesia to India. Working as a holistic healer at an international yoga center in Ubud, Bali, afforded me the experience of working with thousands of clients from all over the world: men, women, young, old, from all races and religions. Eventually the call to look further inward led me to India. And it is here in India that I now spend most of my time.

This chapter brought me to my teacher whom many call Guruji, Swamiji, or as I call him, Baba. Baba introduced me to what he calls “Swatantra”, meaning Total Freedom. Freedom being something I have sought since I was a child…and this path has now led me to it in a most authentic and tangible way. Swatantra is a genuine tantric experience of energetic transformation…divine union within oneself, the inner Siva/Shakti, the integration of Yin/Yang. There is no dogma, no religion, no renunciation, no shoulds or shouldn’ts.

Through Baba’s transmission I am sharing Swatantra with my clients, along with the accumulated knowledge and experience of the past 20 years of my journey. You can read more on my history on About Me, get insight into how we can connect on the Offerings page, and take advantage of some free Resources to help you along your way.